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Our comprehensive guide will show you why Accurate Optics is your best choice when it comes to a right angle prism – and how they can be an essential part of your toolkit.

What is a right angle prism?

A right angle prism is an optical device that can be used to reflect, refract or disperse light. It has two triangular ends joined by three rectangular faces that form a 90-degree angle. This type of optical element is often used in imaging systems and other areas of optics.

How does a right angle prism work?

A right angle prism works by reflecting light at 90 degrees as it passes through the prism. This is due to total internal reflection of the light rays when they hit the surface of the prism. The shape of a right angle prism allows for this refraction and reflection to occur, which causes the incoming light to bend in an angle and exit out of the other end of the prism.

When a beam of light passes through a right angle prism, it is split into two separate beams that travel in opposite directions, with one going straight and the other at 90 degrees to the first beam. This produces an image that appears to be inverted because the two rays have swapped their positions.

Applications of Right Angle Prism

Right angle prisms are commonly used as mirrors or retroreflectors for beams of light in optical systems, due to their ability to reflect the beam at 90°.

They are also used as beam splitters and combiners by directing some light through a refracted pass-through face and reflecting other parts off of the angled face.

Right angle prisms are used in spectroscopy to disperse light, and can also be employed as corner cubes for laser systems or as a means of redirecting light beams in optical communication systems.

The slanted faces of right angle prisms can also be used to reduce distortion in imaging applications such as photography and microscopy.

Right angle prisms are also useful in telescopes, as they can be used to redirect light beams through eyepieces or into other optical components.

In medical applications, right angle prisms can be integrated into laparoscopes for assessing tissue within the abdomen during minimally invasive surgeries. They can also be used to visualize tissue in endoscopes.

Benefits of using right angle prism

Increased Reflection Efficiency

Right angle prisms are used to direct the incoming light beam at the desired angle maximizing reflection efficiency. The reflections from the prism surface are often more efficient than other methods such as mirrors, increasing overall system performance and making it easier to achieve a desired output.

Improved Angular Resolution

Due to their geometry, right angle prisms can provide an improved angular resolution than other optical components like lenses. This makes them ideal for applications which require precise control of the light beam’s relative position and angle in order to achieve accurate results.


Right angle prisms offer a wide range of options when it comes to controlling the input and output angles of light beams. This makes them a great choice for tasks that require different orientation changes while still providing excellent optical performance.

Easy to Mount

Right angle prisms offer an easy way to mount optics and components in any desired direction as they are designed with mounting surfaces on all sides which makes them simple to install and move around.

Overall, right angle prisms are incredibly versatile optical components that offer numerous advantages in a variety of applications.

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