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An optical filter is a device that blocks certain frequencies of light while transmitting others. This can be done in a number of ways, including using interference filters or dichroic mirrors. Optical filters are used in a variety of applications, including photography, astronomy, and medical diagnosis.

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Here are a few types of optical filters that are manufactured and supplied at accurate opticals.

Neutral Density (ND) Filters

Specially designed for uniform attenuation of the light intensity over a broad range of the spectrum. Neutral density filters are a type of filter that reduces the amount of light that enters the lens. This allows for a longer exposure time, which can create some interesting effects with moving water or clouds. Additionally, it is possible to achieve the desired optical density level with a neutral density filter.

Longpass Filters

Long pass filters are designed to transmit the longer wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. Alternatively, it can effectively block the electromagnetic radiation of shorter wavelengths. Fluorescent Spectroscopy is often accomplished with the help of long-pass filters as it is good at blocking the excitation lamp leakage.

Short Pass Filters

Opposite to long pass filters, short pass filters effectively block the electromagnetic radiation of longer wavelengths. Raman Spectroscopy is often accomplished with the help of short-pass filters.

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Short pass optical filters

Bandpass Filters

Bandpass filters allow you to selectively filter out certain frequencies from an audio signal, while passing others through. This allows you to enhance the sound of specific instruments or voices, or reduce the sound of unwanted noise. With a bandpass filter, you can easily create a more polished and professional-sounding mix.

Short pass optical filters

Longpass Filters

A longpass filter is a device that blocks out all light except for the long wavelengths. This type of filter is commonly used in photography and scientific applications, as it allows for precise control over the spectrum of light passing through it.

Short pass optical filters
Short pass optical filters

Shortpass Filters

Shortpass Filters are the perfect solution for blocking out unwanted light interference and ensuring accurate spectral measurements. Shortpass filters are essential for use in a wide range of applications, including photography, microscopy, and astronomy.

neutral density nd optical filters

Neutral Density Filters

Neutral Density filters help to reduce the amount of light that enters your camera lens, allowing for slower shutter speeds and more creative photography options. With a range of densities available, you can fine-tune your shooting experience to create just the right mood or effect.

neutral density nd optical filters
K3G optical filters

KG-3 Filters

Optical KG-3 filters are designed to protect your eyesight while using digital devices. These filters block harmful blue light emitted from screens, which can damage your eyes over time. Optical KG-3 filters are the only way to ensure you’re getting the best protection for your vision.