Optical Lenses are light-focusing or diverging optical components because they divert light away from a distant object. The object's image is formed by the transmitted light beams, which can be real or virtual.

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Being an ISO-certified company, we are known to meet your needs by delivering high-quality products. Here are a few optical lenses we offer to our clients.

Condenser Lenses

A condenser lens is a type of lens that is used to condense light. A condenser lens is typically made of glass or plastic and is used to focus light onto a surface. Condenser lenses are used in a variety of applications, including microscopes, cameras, and projectors.

Double Concave Lenses

The double concave lens is biconvex in shape, meaning that it has two outward curves. A diverging lens or double concave lenses is highly used in image reduction, beam expansion, and light projection applications.

Double Convex Lenses

A double convex lens is a lens that has two outward curved surfaces. This type of lens is used to converge (bend) light. The most common use for this type of lens is in magnifying glasses.

Plano Concave Lenses

Plano concave lenses are used to diverge light. These lenses have a negative focal length and are used to correct farsightedness or to increase the effective focal length of a positive lens system. When it comes to using a lens for light focusing, Plano concave lenses serve the best purpose. These lenses are also used as beam expanders.

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double concave optical lens

Achromatic Lenses

An achromatic lens is a compound lens that is designed to correct for chromatic aberration. Chromatic aberration is an optical effect that occurs when light passes through a medium, such as a lens, and is bent at different angles based on its wavelength. This results in different colors of light being focused at different points, which can cause blurriness and other distortions in the image.

Condenser Lenses

A condenser lens is a type of lens that is used to concentrate light onto an object. They are used to collect light from a large area and focus it onto a small area. In high-efficiency lighting or projection systems, condenser lenses are extremely useful. 

condenser optical lenses
double concave optical lens

Double Concave Lenses

A double concave lens is a negative lens, which means that it bends light away from the optical axis. A double concave lens has two concave (curved inward) surfaces and is thinner in the middle than at the edges. Bi-concave lenses are commonly ideal for current systems to expand light or increase focal length, such as beam expanders and projection systems.

Double Convex Lenses

Biconvex lenses, also known as double-convex lenses, are useful in image relay applications or for imaging objects at close distances. A double convex lens is a positive or converging lens with two outward curved surfaces. It is thinner at the center than at the edges, and is used to converge or focus parallel rays of light onto a single point.

double convex optical lenses
plano concave optical lenses

Plano Concave Lenses

An optical lens with one concave surface and one flat surface is a plano-concave lens. The edges of these lenses are thicker than the centre, and one side is flat. Plano-concave lenses are employed in optical systems to enlarge light beams or enhance focal lengths.

Plano Convex Lenses

These lenses have one flat surface and one spherical surface. Plano-Convex Lenses are suitable for a variety of industries, including industrial, pharmaceutical, robotics, and defence, for light collimation or focusing applications using monochromatic illumination. One convex surface is present in Plano-Convex lenses.

plano convex optical lenses
UV optical lenses

UV Lenses

These types of lens are ideal in focusing and laser applications operating in the ultraviolet spectrum. They use one or more elements that have been specifically developed to operate well when exposed to ultraviolet light. To retain performance, ultraviolet lenses need anti-reflection coatings or a combination of the two.