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What is an optical flat?

An optical flat, also known as a reference flat, is a precision-polished surface used for the calibration and testing of optical components. A typical optical flat is made from quartz or fused silica and has two parallel surfaces that are extremely smooth, usually to within one-millionth of an inch (25 nanometers).

optical flats

How do Optical Flats Work?

optical flats

Optical flats are flat surfaces which have been specially made to extremely high standards of accuracy. The surface is so smooth and even that when it reflects light , no distortions or aberrations can be seen in the reflected image. This makes them ideal for detecting very small amounts of variance, such as scratches, dents, pits, or even a single speck of dust.The way optical flats work is comparing the reflection from the flat surface to reference beam of light. The difference between the two then used to calculate any irregularities in the surface. This can be done using sophisticated laser interferometry, or by hand with careful measurement and calibration.

What are the different types of optical flats?

Optical flats are classified into two main categories: plane-parallel optical flats and wedged optical flats.

Plane-parallel optical flats

Plane-parallel optical flats consist of a single flat surface that is used to check the accuracy of another flat surface.

Wedged optical flats

Wedged optical flats are made up of two parallel surfaces with one being slightly thicker than the other. This type of optical flat is used to measure the angle between the two surfaces, providing a way to accurately check angular alignment.

What are optical flats used for?

Optical flats are used for testing, inspecting and calibrating the flatness of a surface.

They are commonly used in the optical industry to check lenses, mirrors, filters and projection screens, as well as other surfaces that require high degrees of flatness.

Optical flats can also be used to detect fine scratches or pits on delicate components such as integrated circuits.

Optical flats are also used in the machine shop to check the flatness of machined parts such as dies, plates and other components. By applying a thin coating of oil or wax between an optical flat and the part being tested, very small variations in surface height can be detected and measured. This technique is known as contact profilometry.

Optical flats are also used in manufacturing and inspection of flat-panel displays, such as LCDs and OLEDs. The optical flat provides a reference surface that can be compared to the panel under test to determine irregularities in panel uniformity or performance parameters such as contrast ratio.

In addition, optical flats are used for measuring parallelism between two surfaces, and for testing the flatness of optical components such as prisms and lenses.

They are also used in metrology laboratories to ensure that standards are accurate and traceable to primary national standards. Optical flats are an essential tool for maintaining high levels of accuracy and quality control in many industrial applications.

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