Electroplated Coatings

Welcome to Accurate Optics, your source for cutting-edge Electroplated Coatings. Crafted with precision, our coatings enhance the durability, conductivity, and aesthetics of optical components. Specializing in electroplating, we offer a diverse range of metals like gold, silver, nickel, and chromium to meet specific needs—whether it’s improved conductivity, corrosion resistance, or a unique appearance. 

What are Electroplated Coatings?

Electroplated coatings for optical components involve a specialized process where a thin layer of metal is deposited onto the surface of optical elements through electrochemical reactions. This method enhances the properties of optical components in various ways, such as improving durability, altering aesthetics, and modifying optical characteristics.

Advantages of Electroplated Coatings


Unmatched Precision

Electroplated Coatings offer supreme precision, making them the ideal choice for applications where accuracy is paramount.


Exceptional Durability

Our coatings are engineered for longevity, ensuring that your optical components remain in optimal condition even in challenging environments.



Accurate Optics specializes in customizing Electroplated Coatings to meet your specific needs, allowing for superior performance in your unique applications.

Industrial Implementation

Our Electroplated Coatings have found their niche in various industries:

Optics: They are vital for precision optical systems, ensuring minimal light loss and maximum clarity.

Medical Devices: Accurate Optics’ coatings provide protection and functionality for critical medical equipment.

Semiconductor Manufacturing: Our coatings are trusted to enhance the performance of semiconductor components.

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